Grinding With Attitude For Change Inc.

We are a nonprofit organization creating a positive movement for change by providing motivation, inspiration, and education to those who lack guidance and are unable to recognize their worth. We deliver the positive influences missing in today’s society.

What We are About!

Grinding With Attitude For Change Inc. Is a nonprofit organization founded by Floyd Henderson from Toledo, Ohio in 2018. The vision was and still is to help Urban communities starting with the Midwest. We address the effects of negative peer pressure, marginalization, and the lack of information being disseminated in urban areas. We’re creating a movement that provides examples of positive influences while helping to educate young urban men on how to triumph over life. While battling adversities such as failures, drugs, alcoholism, lack of motivation, and mobilization we vowel to assist in any way we can. We provide incentives to participate in leadership training with drug and alcohol treatment. Our educational initiatives also promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle. We want people to overcome misfortune situations. Our movement is about having a positive outlook, opportunity, and assistance to create a better future for the Urban community.

The time for change is now. We welcome your input and support.