Press Release April 2022.

An inspirational community event is coming to Chicago this summer

Grinding with Attitude for Change will be held July 30 in Chicago

Chicago residents looking to participate in an inspiring event to mobilize urban communities will have the opportunity to attend an Urban Community Initiative Expo in both cities this summer.

Grinding With Attitude For Change Inc. is a mission-based non-profit organization, created for the sole purpose of educating, motivating, and inspiring urban communities. The Expos will be held on July 30 in Chicago.

Founded by Toledo resident Floyd Henderson in 2017, Grinding With Attitude For Change is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that delivers the positive influences missing in today’s society. Its mission is to create a positive movement for change by providing motivation, inspiration, and education to those who lack guidance and are unable to recognize their worth. We deliver the positive influences missing in today’s society.

The organization is focusing on families with hopes to inspire and educate the leaders of the next generation. “We must lead by example and show our youth that they can achieve their greatest potential,” Henderson said.

Attendees will experience a wide range of activities and entertainment at each Expo. A number of guest speakers will be highlighted and gospel choirs, R&B and rap performances, and other musical acts will entertain attendees. Fashion and dance shows and poetry readings will be featured as well. Food and other refreshments will be available for purchase from local vendors.

The Chicago event will be held at Tinley Park Convention Center.  Tickets are $25 per person and can be ordered online.

Several workshops will be held through the Expo, including.

  • Mental health
  • Legal and justice system
  • Health and nutrition
  • Internet and technology
  • Relationships and conflict management
  • Education
  • Politics

“We are all working in the name of God,” Henderson said. “We are providing a community designed to help others who are struggling in life.”

Henderson is confident that the Expos will address the effects of negative peer pressure, marginalization, and the lack of information being disseminated in urban areas, which match the goal of the organization itself.

“We’re creating a movement that provides examples of positive influences while helping to educate young urban men on how to triumph over life,” he says. While battling adversities such as failures, drugs, alcoholism, lack of motivation, and mobilization we vow to assist in any way we can. We provide incentives to participate in leadership training with drug and alcohol treatment.”

Henderson hopes the events become annual fixtures in Chicago and Detroit, and he is open to expanding to other communities in future years. The Expos will include such onsite activities and entertainment as: guest speakers, workshops, local artist exhibitions, gospel choirs, DJs and original R&B and (clean) rap performances, dance teams, original poetry, and a fashion show. It will also host in-house food and refreshment vendors.

Visit to learn more or to sign up for Chicago Urban Community Initiative Expo this summer. Speakers will be announced in the weeks ahead.

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